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You might have missed this news over the holiday period: the Grassroots Sports Podcast...

Nathan Walker on the cusp of making NHL roster

Grassroots Sports caught up with Australian NHL prospect Nathan Walker at the ECSL All...

The Grassroots Weekend Preview: 15/09/2017

Join Michael as he recaps the weekend’s Hockey and Gridiron NSW action, before looking...

Just Ask Jase: Mindful Eating

Hi Jase, Like so many people, I want to lose some weight that has...


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GRP – Season One Outtakes

Check out the Blooper Reel for Season One of the Grassroots Sports Podcast!

GRP 045: We’ll Be Back

In this Season Finale, Producer Mick is joined by Ellie and Jase to talk...

GRP 044: Grassroots at the Hunter Bowl

Join Q, Ellie, and Jase as Grassroots goes to the Hunter Gridiron League’s Hunter...

GRP 043: Training Mythbusting

Last week Jase lead the charge against Nutrition Myths. This week he’s joined again...

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